The Introduction

We live in extraordinary times that need a dramatic shift. This leads us to a critical crossroad in our corporate evolution that demands we do things differently. For a nation to flourish business must evolve to become conscious and adopt a spirit of co-operative partnership, address societal imbalances, increase productivity and efficiency, maintain transparency, accountability and governance to create sustainable goodwill.

Radical Economic Transformation is the new buzzword. However, this spells negativity and challenges for business in SA on the back of dishonest dealings, dismal lapses and cowardice displayed by the leaders and the led alike. The clash and conflict of business, government and society has had a huge impact on the economy as well as the security, happiness and well-being of millions of South Africans. Now, we have a profound opportunity to change the psyche of a nation by changing the shape, character and consciousness of leadership as well as companies and its human capital. Hence the quest for the Conscious Leadership Academy to build leadership capacity.

About Us

The Conscious Leadership Academy is a not for profit company that offers programmes for change to advance game-changing solutions to build conscious leadership capacity in South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and ultimately into countries that see the impact of conscious leadership in the socio-economic space.

The establishment of the Conscious Leadership Academy is a call to action to deliver knowledge and understanding of the practical dynamics of consciousness and its impact on leadership, business, government and society.

This initiative has ignited the thinking globally of those who place humanity at the core to create a society that not only builds conscious leadership capacity but creates courageous leaders whose actions manifest greater good for society at large. Together with other conscious leaders, we have a profound opportunity to change the psyche of nations by changing the shape, character and consciousness of its leadership as well as organisations, both in business and government.


Help organisations and individuals to explore conscious solutions to the complex challenges that confront leaders today

To build conscious leadership capacity

To create organisations - through its leadership - that aligns people, planet and profit in service of all of its stakeholders

Experiential learning with a core faculty of professionals and a team of leadership experts

Programs activate new possibilities for effective action

Development of self- awareness, personal clarity, alignment and resilience

Deeper understanding of power and one’s own power base

To effectively optimise productivity, balance and one’s way of being in the world